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As predicted, participants in the PLP group estimated significantly lower room temperatures (M = 20.68, SD = 3.95) than did those in the NPLP group (M = 24.00, SD = 3.65) [t(37) = -2.60, p = .014].
Although there was a clear tendency for desirability rating for hot soup in the PLP PTSD group (M = 5.06, SD = 2.16) compared with that in the NPLP group (M = 3.83, SD = 2.83), scores on the Warmth-Seeking Rating Scale did not differ significantly between the two groups (all p > .05).
The lack of a significant difference that we observed in desirability rating for hot soup between the PLP and the NPLP PTSD group may be partially attributed to the small sample size involved, and partially attributed to loneliness level being equal in these two groups.