NPOENederlandse Platform Ouderen en Europa (Dutch: Netherlands and Europe Older People's Platform)
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The state vectors obtained are then given in input to the NPOE software to obtain the mean and osculating orbital elements at the initial state for the orbit simulation.
Each surface is generated by propagating the trajectory with the selected initial values of e and B using NPOE. These mean apogee surfaces are used to compute the predicted mean apogee altitude at a specified epoch by interpolation [17].
The TLEs downloaded from the Space Track Organization website are converted into state vectors using the SatSpy software and the mean and osculating orbital elements are computed using the NPOE software.
A host of plasticizers (DOS, DOA, NPOE, TOP, and DOPth) were examined in films containing DNNS (Fig.
(4) Nonstandard abbreviations: CPB, cardiopulmonary bypass surgery; ACT, activated clotting time; PVC, polyvinyl chloride; TDMAC, tridodecylmethylammonium chloride; KTpCIPB, potassium tetrakis(4-chlorophenyl)borate; EMT, electromotive force (phase boundary potential); DNNS, dinonylnaphthalenesulfonate; CaTMBPP, calcium bis[4-(1,1,2,3-tetramethylbutyl)phenyl] phosphate; DOS, bis(2-ethylhexyl) sebacate; NPOE, 2-nitrophenyloctyl ether; TOP, tris(2-ethylhexyl) phosphate; DOPth, dioctyl phthalate; DOA, dioctyl adipate; and THF, tetrahydrofuran.