NPOPNational Programme for Organic Production (India)
NPOPNational Policy on Older Persons (est. 1999; Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment; India)
NPOPNASA Polar Orbiting Platform
NPOPNichibei Pathfinding Opportunity Program (Osaka, Japan)
NPOPNegotiated Period of Performance
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The previous study ( in vivo study) conducted by our group demonstrated the isolation of fibroblasts from the uterosacral ligament tissues of POP and non-POP (NPOP) patients by laser capture microdissection.[9] The expression levels of Type I and III procollagen proteins were significantly lower in the POP group compared with the NPOP group, whereas the opposite was noted for the expression of Mfn2 , and the previous results were published in European Journal of Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Reproductive Biology in 2014.
(2) Randomly initialize the position of each particle; initialize the velocity Vel(i) = 0, i = 1, ..., nPop. (3) Store the nondominated particles into the subgroup repository sRep; Update gRep.
So, the tuned values of nPop and nIt (90,30) are used for problems with about 20 activities.
[U'.sup.i] = [[U'.sup.i.sub.j]]; 1 [menor que o igual a] j [menor que o igual a] npop * [FI] (4)
Hence, we have opted to use a small population size of NPOP = 5 x NPAR = 35.
National Organic Program (NOP) and National Program for Organic Production (NPOP) for processing of herbs and herbal extracts.
(d) The National Policy on Older Persons (NPOP, 1999)
Down To Earth is certified by as per NOP (USDA), NPOP (Government of India) and EU Standards for Organic Certification.
The Government of India in 1999 documented a National Policy on Older Persons (NPOP) which was adopted in 1999.
nPOP five drops of Bioforce's Plantago onto a small piece of cotton wool and leave in his ears overnight.
nPOP Idol runners-up Mark and Sam will be popping into S4C's Planed Plant studio tomorrow.