NPOSTNational Police Officer Selection Test
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Editorial Office, NPOst, Dec 8, 2014 "Introduction to Taiwan Literature Award for Migrants."
The algorithm started from the R-wave previously detected, which had to be flanked by a pair of maximum moduli at [mathematical expression not reproducible] in [WR.sub.ECG] that were called npre and npost (see Figure 1(a)).
From the position of maximum value npost, we have searched to the right within a window size of 15 ms until a maximum was found in [mathematical expression not reproducible] (see Figure 1(a)); this maximum corresponds to the end of the S-wave which also corresponds to the end of the QRS complex, so-called [QRS.sub.end].
This way, we found the maximum after that corresponding R-wave, but this time in the scale [mathematical expression not reproducible] we call it npost (see Figure 1(b)).
nPOST SCRIPT: Desert Orchid could manage only third behind 100-1 shot Norton's Coin when bidding to defend his Festival crown the following month.
nPOST SCRIPT: Makaldar did indeed fare the better in the Champion Hurdle the following month, finishing a promoted second to Saucy Kit.
KEEPING nPOSTED Alexa Wall at the Glenisk Lorax Garden SEEDS OF LOVE JGary and Katherine de Brun tie the knot at Phoenix Park festival yesterday