NPPFNational Planning Policy Framework (UK)
NPPFNational Pension and Provident Fund (Thimphu, Bhutan)
NPPFNobel Peace Prize Forum (college consortium)
NPPFNational Press Photographers Foundation Inc.
NPPFNon-Profit Preferred Funding
NPPFNational Progressive Patriotic Front (Iraq)
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The planning statement adds: "There are no adverse impacts which outweigh the benefits of the scheme, and there are no other NPPF policies which suggest that the application should be resisted.
The NPPF annual report states that during the year 2017-18, Nu 1,220.12mn was paid out as monthly pension payment, refund of provident fund and pension contributions.
Even so, she records her overall impression that "paragraph 74 in the NPPF is not met".
The NPPF consultation came to an end earlier this month and the responses received will now feed into the next stage of the process.
* The development was contrary to Paragraphs 132 and 134 of the NPPF, and the irreversible and irreplaceable less than substantial harm caused to the setting of highly important heritage assets was not outweighed by the public benefits derived from the development proposals.
NPPF is a sister organisation of UCPN-M, the third largest political party of the country.
NPPF I's portfolio balance has decreased by approximately $4.8 million to $148.9 million, or 37% of the initial portfolio size, as per the February 2016 trustee report, compared to Fitch's last rating action.
However, of 20 SoS decisions in first three months of 2015 only two were allowed with the other 18 dismissed, meaning 46% of all SoS dismissals since the publication of the NPPF (31 months) were in the first three months of 2015.
Further, they fail to mention the north/south political divide which exists within the borough of Stockton which cannot be blamed on the NPPF.
CLA North regional director Dorothy Fairburn said: "More than two and a half years on from the NPPF, slow rates of implementation are hampering development across the rural economy.
Berry added: "I am also pleased that the Committee recognises that although the NPPF is not perfect, it merely requires some adjustment and not a complete overhaul.