NPPINon-Public Personal Information
NPPINational Pensions Policy Initiative (Dublin, Ireland)
NPPINon-Peptidic Protease Inhibitor (medical treatment)
NPPINew Product and Process Innovation (automotive products)
NPPINew Paradigm Productions, Inc. (Utah)
NPPINew Procees and Product Introduction
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Due to the significant correlations between NPLi and NPPi with correlation coefficient r=0.890, as well as between BLi and BPi, with correlation coefficient r=0.894, we decided the give equal weight to all our variables in our measure of the prominence of a city-node (PNi), described by the following equation:
Fourteen hydrazide ligands (1-14) and respective Pd(II) complexes (1c-14c) were investigated for their inhibition against snake venom phosphodiesterase-I (NPPI).
Therefore, to compare the inhibitory effect and to evaluate structure activity relationships, the results of NPPI inhibition activity are presented in terms of percent inhibition values at 120 uM for all compounds.
They handle highly sensitive NPPI and receive and disburse large sums of funds.
Federal and state laws require title companies to develop a written information security program that describes procedures to protect NPPI. This must be appropriate to the company's size and complexity, nature and scope of activities, and sensitivity of the customer information it handles.
Wintertime (October to March) mean temperature, total precipitation (rain plus melted snow), total snowfall, and mean sea level pressure data for these sites were obtained from the Canadian Monthly Precipitation Database and the National Climate Data Center and compared with PDO and NPPI regime shifts via time series plots.
Over the very long term, there is no explicit commitment to reach the NPPI targets for pensions.
However, such limited coverage is well below the NPPI target of 70% coverage by 2013.
Twentieth-century consumers want to know "Where's the meat," and so Arctic Alaska and NPPI developed a process that cut to the chase.
NPPI General Manager John Sevier received the Economic Development Award from the South West Alaska Municipal Conference - representing Kodiak, the Alaska Peninsula, Bristol Bay, Aleutian Chain, and Pribilof Islands.
The Nursing Practice and Professional Issues NPPI) committee is about workplace issues and advocacy in the workplace.
NPPI members were charged with finding additional supporting rational and evidence.