NPPPNational Professional Project Personnel
NPPPNative Plant Preservation Plan (Arizona)
NPPPNational Project for Pharmaceuticals and Pesticides (Iraq)
NPPPNational Physical Perspective Plan (Libya)
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Resultados obtenidos con un especialista en deporte determinando parametros morfologicos, utilizando diferentes herramientas Herramienta Tiempo de Tiempo de Tiempo obtencion de determinacion de total (min.) 7 puntos (min.) parametros (min.) Papel 0.3 7 7.3 GIMP 5.1 15 16 Paint 3.2 10 13 NPPP 2.3 0.083 2.4
Nixon Pre-Presidential Papers (hereafter NPPP), Richard Nixon Library and Birthplace, Yorba Linda, California.
McLaughlin to Nixon, 22 January 1960, PPS 307.149, all in NPPP, Nixon Library; News clipping, "Three Negroes Obtain Rodman Jobs Here," 30 April 1960, folder: 1960--President's Committee on Government Contracts, box 129, James P.
McWhorter to Nixon, 14 December 1957, folder: Civil Rights, box 153, General Correspondence, NPPP, National Archives and Records Administration--Pacific Southwest Region, Laguna Niguel, California; "The Great Debate: Presidential Candidates Reply to Questions From the Scripps-Howard Newspapers," 22 September 1960, U.S.
The money in the disaster assistance bill would pay for the first year installment for two programs: the Enterprise Community Block Grant Demonstration (ECBG) program and the National Public/Private Partnership (NPPP) program--if the House and Senate complete action on and agree to authorize the new block grant programs as part of an urban aid package before Congress adjourns.
"supply of computer equipment for the needs of rehabilitation at nppp sites", ref.