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Seed treatment with GR24 slightly enhanced the co-efficient of non-photochemical quenching (qN) and non-photochemical quenching (NPQ) in both wheat cultivars, while salt stress tremendously reduced both these attributes of both the wheat cultivars (Table 2; Fig.
Moreover, NPQ showed that incidence of neuropathic pain significantly increased in the diabetes group (Figure 1) with promising credibility (Table 2), verified by Cronbach's alpha coefficient and Guttman split-half coefficient.
It is estimated that crops plants are losing 20% productivity to NPQ. Scientists wondered if it might be possible to increase the rate at which photosynthesis returns to normal in the shade, and if doing so would improve crop yields .
"But when a cloud crosses the sun, or a leaf goes into the shade of another, it can take up to half an hour for that NPQ process to relax," University of Illinois' Stephen Long, who co-led the study, explained in a ( statement .
The presentation did not specifically address or target any questions contained in the NPQ.
The effect of Zn doses on the dissipation of energy and electron flow in the photosystems was best explained bythe effective quantum yield of PSII (Y-II) and the nonphotochemical quenching (NPQ), with different behavior among the rootstocks (Figure 1).
The Implementation Plan for the NPQ is being developed under the leadership of the Ministry for Science and Technology, and this would be completed within the next three month, official sources at Ministry told here Monday.
In HL plants, significantly higher NPQ and qN (nonphotochemical quenching) were observed, with significant lower qP and qL (coefficient of photochemical quenching) values (Table 4), which indicated that more energy was dissipated as heat in HL leaves.
The effect on biomass, photosynthesis parameters (Pn,gs, Ci,, Tr) and chlorophyll a fluorescence parameters (F0, Fv/Fm, qP, PhiPSII, NPQ) were analyzed, aiming to deal with the following questions: 1) The different copper tolerance of the two non-heading Chinese cabbage cultivars.
E curve NPQ Non-photochemical quenching of chlorophyll a fluorescence [=([F.sub.m] - [F'.sub.m]/ [F'.sub.m]] (dimensionless) RLC Rapid light-response curves: rETR vs.
The overall diffusion score, as measured by the NPQ, was 2.6.A statistically significant correlation was noted between level of use and the perception of established change strategies being followed (r = .340, p < .01).
Neck disability was measured with the Chinese version of NPQ that comprised nine questions.