NPRENuclear, Plasma, and Radiological Engineering (University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign)
NPRENon-Program Related Engineering (US Navy)
NPRENational Project for Rinderpest Eradication (est. 1992; India)
NPRENorthfield Professional Resource Exchange (Minnesota)
NPRENegative Progesterone Response Element
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The algorithm started from the R-wave previously detected, which had to be flanked by a pair of maximum moduli at [mathematical expression not reproducible] in [WR.sub.ECG] that were called npre and npost (see Figure 1(a)).
ICAR-NIVEDI (PD on ADMAS) played a pivotal role in the rinderpest eradication programme through National Programme on Rinderpest Eradication (NPRE) by undertaking surveillance and monitoring of Rinderpest during the surveillance stage of disease eradication.
[[delta].sup.S.sub.e] CES Distributive share of imports and domestically produced goods NumeratorDenominator d[X.sub.1] d[X.sub.2] d[X.sub.3] dk <0 >0 >0 NumeratorDenominator d[X.sub.4] dv d[p.sub.2] dk <0 * >0 * =0 NumeratorDenominator d[p.sub.3] d[p.sub.4] d[w.sub.a] dk <0 >0 * >0 * NumeratorDenominator d[X.sub.1] d[X.sub.2] d[X.sub.3] d[beta] =0 =0 =0 NumeratorDenominator d[X.sub.4] dv [dp.sub.2] d[beta] >0 <0 =0 NumeratorDenominator [dp.sub.3] [dp.sub.4] [dw.sub.a] d[beta] >0 >0 >0 Table 1 Industries Protected by Tariff and Non-tariff Barriers Percentage of Industries Nominal Protection 1980-81 1990-91 NPRI > NPRE 34.4 2.0 NPRI < NPRE 57.8 71.7 NPRI = NPRE 7.8 26.3 Source: Kemal, et al.
The 1994 National Programme for Reducing [CO.sub.2] emissions (NPRE) entailed a number of measures estimated to reduce [CO.sub.2] emission in 2000 by an amount equivalent to about 12 per cent of the 1990 level of [CO.sub.2] emission.