NPRQNon-Protein Respiratory Quotient
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The speed was increased by 1.0 km/h every 6 min until the fat oxidation level was decreased to 0 with a npRQ value of 1.01 (Achten et al., 2002).
Mean [V.sub.E], V[O.sub.2], VC[O.sub.2], nonprotein respiratory quotient (npRQ), HR, [O.sub.2] pulse, ventilatory equivalents for oxygen ([V.sub.E]/V[O.sub.2]) and carbon dioxide ([V.sub.E]/VC[O.sub.2]) were measured during the last 10 min of the workload of 7.0 km/hr.
No significant differences were found in npRQ, HR, [V.sub.E][O.sub.2] and [V.sub.E]C[O.sub.2] (Table 1).