NPSDNorth Penn School District (Lansdale, Pennsylvania)
NPSDNetwork of Patient Safety Databases (US DHHS)
NPSDNorthland Pines School District (Eagle River, Wisconsin, USA)
NPSDNaval Photographic Services Depot (US Navy)
NPSDNorth Pocono School District (Moscow, PA)
NPSDNoise Power Spectral Density
NPSDNew Product/Service Development
NPSDNon Programmed Suspense Date
NPSDNarrow Particle Size Distribution (paper pigmentation)
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Indeed part of the reason that the NPSD was withheld from members of parliament was the belief that certain representatives might themselves constitute a threat to the security of the state through involvement with or sympathy for Islamic fundamentalism.
The high aspect ratio and NPSD, coupled with the rhombohedral and orthorhombic shapes of PCC1 and PCC2, respectively, assist in particle alignment during coating consolidation (Appendix Aa).
On the other hand, the NPSD PCC pigments create voids nearer to half of the wavelength of light.
By enabling PSOs to aggregate PSWP on their own and to contribute nonidentifiable PSWP to the NPSD, the stage has been set for breakthroughs in our understanding of how best to improve patient safety.
AHRQ is in the process of developing the NPSD and its associated components--(1) the common formats PSOs and providers will be required to use when submitting patient safety data to the NPSD and (2) a method for making patient safety data non-identifiable, or removing all information which could be used to identify a patient, provider, or reporter of patient safety information.
Case 1 (NPSD of Wired and Wireless Video Communication Service: First in the World)
In this paper, the author describes the NPSD process that occurred over the past two years at NTT DoCoMo, a traditional Japanese mobile telecommunication company that developed a product capable of multipoint mobile videoconferencing.
GCC1 pigment showed the broadest particle size distribution, while PCC showed a quite narrow particle size distribution (NPSD).
The Patriots claimed that it was unacceptable for the Freedom and Dignity People's Party (NPSD), one of the parties constituting the RB, which demonstrates its closeness to the Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan to be represented in the Bulgarian executive by a person such as Ismailov.
Ismailov heads the Freedom and Dignity People's Party (NPSD), much criticized by the PF despite its support for the government.
Dochev, also a MEP, dismissed subsequent comments that his suggestion was "a joke".Kanev, the leader of one of RB's biggest parties (DSB), did not attend himself the consultations, with Petar Moskov representing the party.Leaders of the three other main entities, Meglena Kuneva (DBG) and Bozhidar Lukarski (SDS) and Korman Ismailov (NPSD) were present at the meeting.Kuneva said the program negotiators had prepared contains twenty priorities and is to be unveiled on Monday.
In December 2012, Dal and Korman Ismailov, a former head of the youth organization of DPS, founded a new party a National Party Freedom and Dignity, NPSD.