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NPSINeuropathic Pain Symptom Inventory
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NPSINetwork Control Program Packet Switch Interface
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Neuropathic pain symptoms were recorded, and their severity were scored using the NPSI, a 11-point (0-10) numerical scale of ten neuropathic symptoms (burning, squeezing, pressure, electric shocks, stabbing, pain evoked by a brush, by pressure or by cold, tingling, and pins and needles).
[Pim.sub.i] are nested policies for the PolicySet NPSi and [m.sub.i] is their number.
Convergent validity was assessed at week 8 and week 12, between the SAT II scores and the BPI-DN item 9F (sleep interference) score, the HADS subscale scores (anxiety and depression subscales), the EQ-5D index and VAS scores, and the NPSI domain scores (burning, evoked, pressive, paroxysmal, and abnormal sensations).
A sample size of 90 was determined assuming 20% dropouts using predetermined value of level of significance as 0.05, power of the study as 80%, expected difference in decreasing NPSI score at least 20 from baseline and standard deviation of NPSI being 24.8 as determined by a pilot study.
A recent multi-profession cross-Canada survey (Brown, Wielandt, Wilson, Jones, & Crick, 2014) identified knowledge gaps among healthcare providers regarding the relationship between insufficient sleep, dementia, and other comorbidities; awareness of standardized sleep assessment tools; knowledge of, and experience with, evidence-based non-pharmacological sleep interventions (NPSIs) for persons with dementia; and preference for knowledge translation (KT) strategies to address these knowledge gaps.
With the acquisition of Red Salmon, NPSI's annual seafood production volume will be increased from 45,000M/T to 57,000M/T.
The rankings in the report are based on the NetProspex Social Index (NPSI), a score comprised of several factors, including social connectedness (the number of employees with social media profiles), social friendliness and reach (the average number of connections per employee across major social networks), and social activity (the average number of tweets, number of followers and number of following).
In the present study, we used the Neuropathic Pain Symptom Inventory (NPSI) [48] as a comparison variable to examine the validity of using somatosensory thresholds as an assessment of neuropathic pain characteristics.
TICKERS AND STANDARD INDUSTRIAL CLASSIFICATION [SIC] CODES FOR THE NEW ECONOMY SAMPLE Tickers SIC Code ADCT 3661 ALSK 4813 AM1r 4899 AT 4812 CCI 7359 CTCI 4813 CTL 4813 CYCL 4812 CZN 4813 DOEL 4812 DDDC 4813 DGTT 7310 EQf 3674 EQIX 4813 GOAM 4813 HTC 4899 IDT 4813 JCOM 4822 LCCI 8711 LVLT 7373 MCCC 4841 MDLK 7380 NPSI 4813 Q 4813 RCCC 4812 TDS 4812 TIVO 4841 TWTC 4813 USM 4812 UTSI 3663 VZ 4813 WFII 4899 Standard Industrial Classification [SIC] codes are reported in Appendix B.
The National Pool and Spa Institute (NPSI) says installing a safety cover can reduce evaporation by 90 percent.
To respond to the increasing complexity of such design parameters, the National Playground Safety Institute (NPSI), a program of the NRPA, acts as a clearinghouse and information resource specializing in public use playground issues.