NPSMNational Pipe Straight Mechanical (thread standard)
NPSMNational Standard Free-Fitting Straight Mechanical Pipe Thread
NPSMNational Programme on Smart Materials (India)
NPSMNATO Precautionary System Manual
NPSMAmerican National Straight Pipe Thread for Mechanical Joints
NPSMNonparametric Statistical Method
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Theoretically, Ha et al have chosen Kingdon's multiple streams framework (MSF), (3) a much used, much tested, and well-established analytical framework for examining the agenda-setting aspect of the NPSM policy process.
The article presents a compelling account of the centrality of the Policy Champion (Policy Entrepreneurs--as Kingdon originally referred to them) in getting the NPSM onto the policy agenda; it presents a compelling validation of this particular aspect of MSF.
Similarly, the Policy Champion not only seized the opening in the policy window, but was instrumental in creating the opening, brought the NPSM on to the policy agenda and eventually pushed the policy through.
Whitworth thread form--thread flank angle 55 degrees BSPT threads are NOT INTERCHANGEABLE with NPTF and NPSM threads.
(14) "Testamentaria de Francisca Martinez" [1799], NPSM, t.
(15) "Testamentaria de Jose Nicolas de Jimeno" [1820], NPSM, t.
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A mixed method was adopted for this study of the NPSM.
(2,3) With a commitment to achieve the MDG 5 target to reach MMR of 58.3/100 000 by 2015, the Ministry of Health (MoH) issued the National Plan for Safe Motherhood (NPSM) 2003-2010, which aimed to ensure safe motherhood (SM) services available to every woman and newborn.
(9) In Vietnam, the NPSM 2003-2010 was selected to study the policy on skilled birth attendance (SBA).
Bibo BS 2102 and BS 2125 have 4-inch standard NPSM discharges, while the high-head 2102 is equipped with a 3-inch discharge.
Ready 12, with a 2-inch NPSM discharge, employs an abrasion resistant thermoplastic polyurethane impeller.