NPSPNorwood Payneham and St. Peters (Australia)
NPSPNew Parent Support Program
NPSPNet Positive Suction Pressure (physics)
NPSPNational Polio Surveillance Project (India)
NPSPNet Positive Static Pressure (US NASA)
NPSPNational Pharmaceutical Stockpile Program (US CDC)
NPSPNew Park Street Pulpit (religious text)
NPSPNative Plant Stewardship Program (Washington Native Plant Society)
NPSPNon-Point Sources of Pollution
NPSPNon-Point Source Program (US EPA; West Virginia)
NPSPNonparametric Statistical Package
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The ILO is also helping push the idea of creating of a National Provident Saving Program (NPSP) for OFWs.
We need experts in managerial positions in the government and private sector to ensure that Omanisation follows the right path." The NPSP, which is the Sultanate's biggest government-funded postgraduate programme, aims to develop highly educated and qualified candidates for the Omani job market.
The information about this child was provided to NPSP for screening of contacts and other precautionary measures.
"There are all kinds of ways these two areas are connected," NPSP Executive Presbyter Corey Schlosser-Hall told the Presbyterian News Service in a Dec.
The Role of Integrated Models in Innovative Policy for NPSP Control--Regulatory Drives
Educational programs vary among military installations, but several national support systems have been established to help new mothers and fathers adapt to parenthood, such as The New Parent Support Program (NPSP), Military One Source (MOS), and Bundles for Babies (Air Force Aid Society).
During the announcement ceremony of the NPSP at Baabda palace, Sleiman said the resolve to build a social capital has been approved since this capital was one of the civil peace's main conditions.
Tickers featured: ALNY, AMGN, CELG, GILD, NBIX, NPSP, RO.SW, SNY.
The India Unite to End Polio Now (IUEPN) campaign is an initiative implemented by Aidmatrix Foundation, and supported by UNICEF and a collaborative effort between the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MOHFW), World Health Organization (WHO), National Polio Surveillance Project (NPSP), Rotary International, and the U.S.
Groundwater pollution is tilrther exacerbated by non-point source pollution ('NPSP').