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NPSRNo Pants Subway Ride (Improv Everywhere; various locations)
NPSRNet Patient Service Revenue
NPSRNot Paul Simon Related (used in newsgroup)
NPSRNot Pet Sitting Related
NPSRNegative Power Supply Rejection (computing)
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Additionally, a recent study discovered a naturally-occurring gene polymorphism of NPSR that is involved in distorted sympathetic arousals and anxiety-related emotional processes in people afflicted with panic disorders (PD) (14) In GAD, somatic symptoms associated with adrenergic hyperactivity, such as palpitations, nausea, sleep disturbances, sweating, are the most commonly encountered symptoms which are similar to those experienced in PD.
Even though expression of NPS is mostly limited to brainstem areas, mRNA of the NPS receptor (NPSR) has been demonstrated to be widely expressed in various brain regions, including olfactory regions and amygdala, hippocampal formation, and hypothalamus (4).
Indeed, one observer noted that the NPSR played little independent role in nominating (or financing) candidates, and played a "more limited role in extending endorsements to candidates already on the ballot." (48) Overall, the role of parties in these elections was limited--even the role of the Communist Party and its affiliated organizations.