NPSSNational Public Safety Solutions (various locations)
NPSSNumerical Propulsion System Simulation (NASA)
NPSSNative Plant Society of Saskatchewan
NPSSNuclear and Plasma Science Society (IEEE)
NPSSNational Pension Saving Scheme (UK)
NPSSNASA Packet Switching System
NPSSNortheast Product Safety Society, Inc.
NPSSNew Product Six Sigma
NPSSNorth Pacific Ship Supply (Alaska)
NPSSNorth Park Secondary School (Brampton, Ontario)
NPSSNorwegian Police Security Service
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The recent proliferation of NPSs has initiated considerable interest in the development of so-called "untargeted" screening strategies to detect and identify novel compounds without the use of certified reference materials or mass spectral libraries.
"Some form of mass spectrometry-based testing is going to be needed for detection of NPSs," Manicke told Laboratory Equipment.
3) Data: (47) Data on stream networks, baseline water quality, topography, soil, land management conditions, existing conservation practices, opportunities for additional practices, and any resulting installation and water quality changes are critical to developing, implementing, and adaptively managing watershed plans and making real, measurable progress in addressing NPSs.
Felder, "Engine system performance of pulse detonation concepts using the NPSS program," in Proceedings of the 38th AIAA/ASME/SAE/ASEE Joint Propulsion Conference and Exhibit, July 2002.
Another widely utilized software based on first principle derivations is numerical propulsion system simulation (NPSS), an often utilized toolset for steady-state calculations [6] via map-based turbomachinery calculations.
The report also presents in-depth analyses concerning the markets for the main drug types: cannabis, heroin, cocaine, synthetic stimulants, amphetamine, methamphetamine, MDMA, and new psychoactive substances (NPSs).
High NPSs generally mean that a company is doing a good job of securing their customers' loyalty.
Items were revised from Agosta's (2009) Nurse Practitioner Satisfaction Survey (NPSS), and Bear and Bowers' (1998) Client Satisfaction Tool.
The findings will bring fresh scrutiny on the government's crackdown on so-called designer drugs - known as new psychoactive substances (NPSs).
The Psychoactive Substances Act will introduce a blanket ban on the production, distribution, sale and supply of new psychoactive substances (NPSs).
An extensive survey of NPSs in 20 European countries [9] indicated that NSPs and, in particular, consistent adherence to recommended practices, varied widely throughout the countries surveyed.
To date, the majority of approaches in Network Provisioning Systems (NPSs), to provide dynamic VC services in a user-driven manner, also do not address the user-driven and trusty protection management issue [2-6].