NPSVNon-Invasive Pressure Support Ventilation (respiratory failure)
NPSVNormalized Peak Systolic Velocity
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The Question being asked by the researchers was: would specific settings of NPSV reduce the undesirable issues of the helmet compared with the facemask?
All patients received NPSV via a standard intensive care unit ventilator (Evita 4 or XL; Drager, Lubeck, Germany) in pressure support mode with the facemask (Mirage, ResMed, Sydney, Australia) and with the helmet (CaStar, NIV model, Starmed, Mirandola, Italy).
Thus, total inspiratory pressure was probably too low with helmet NPSV and even the specific settings produced only small improvements in the patient-ventilator synchrony associated with the helmet.
NPSV striker Mateja Kezman, who scored in the 1-1 draw in Holland, was 25 on Monday.