NPSWNational Public Service Week (Canada)
NPSWNon-Provincially Significant Wetland (Canada)
NPSWNail Patella Syndrome Worldwide (Haymarket, VA)
NPSWNetwork of Professional Social Workers
NPSWNational Probation Service Wiltshire (UK)
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Although not a system that has employed the NPSW process, the Navy E-2D Advanced Hawkeye airborne early warning aircraft program is an excellent example of the application of joint IPTs.
Prior to any decision to conduct an NPSW, the respective industry and DoD PMs need to meet/communicate and decide if there will be a workshop and, if so, what is to be accomplished in the workshop.
* Outputs supporting the facilitator's workshop needs--the full support and agreement of the PMs that DAU will facilitate the NPSW, affirmation that the PMs really want the help the workshop is designed to provide, and a preworkshop go/no-go decision by the PMs.
The methodology for conducting the NPSW is grounded in several activities that call for the government and contractor teams to work through a process of alignment.