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NPTANational Pharmacy Technician Association (Houston, TX)
NPTANational Pest Technicians Association (Nottingham, UK)
NPTANet Profit/Total Assets (finance)
NPTANorwegian Post and Telecommunications Authority (Norwegian Ministry of Transport and Communications)
NPTANational Parent Teacher Association
NPTANational Paper Trade Association, Inc.
NPTANational Progressive Taekwondo Association (Springfield, MO)
NPTANational Post and Telecom Agency (Sweden)
NPTANational Police and Trooper Association
NPTANational Postal Transport Association
NPTANational Property Taxpayers Association
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The preference for the most non-dramatizing categories of Private Discourse falls in line with the purpose of IT and NPTA in the narratives of discovery, where Private Discourse focuses on science rather than on the scientists.
Specifications 2 through 4 also add the number of members in the nearest PTA of the pair linearly and quadratically (NPTA, SQNPTA).
We can reduce any set cover problem to one of the NPTA problems by the following steps:
Game discussion boards bear similarity to the discussion created following an NPTA play or in response to the Sonke radio show.
The Nigerian medical education stakeholders such as the Academic Staff Association of Universities (ASUU), National Parents and Teachers Association (NPTA), Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) and National Association of Nigerian (NAN) have endlessly advocated for university-education-friendly policies, such as university autonomy and an independent funding system for the Nigerian universities/libraries.
Participatory Theatre and Rural Devolvement: Issue and Cases in Na We Journal of Nigeria Popular Theatre Alliance, (NPTA), No.
The news comes as experts from the National Pest Technicians Association (NPTA) have expressed fears that Britain could be over-run by rats if new EU pest control proposals become law.
The survey was targeted to the firms within National Paper Trade Association (NPTA).
Councils in the region handled 29,483 complaints in 2007-2008, up 30% on the previous year, said the National Pest Technicians Association (NPTA).
Figures collected by the National Pest Technicians' Association (NPTA) from the North East show more reports of rodents were made in 2008, compared with 2007.
Figures collected by the National Pest Technicians' Association (NPTA) from the North East show fewer reports of rodents were made in 2006, compared with 2005.
A spokesman for the NPTA said: "This steady increase in the number of councils charging for the service is one that concerns us."