NPTELNational Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning (India)
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Resources with at least 25 votes included Stanford (presumably, the Stanford Venture Lab which offered a series of MOOCs), iTunes University, NPTEL India, edX, the BBC, and How Stuff Works.
Students can access the lectures of IITs, IISc and NITs from the NPTEL website www.
" NPTEL is now the world's largest electronic repository of video courses and has also attained the status of being the world's most highly- viewed higher technical education portal accessed by users in India and other countries," Sibal said.
The National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL) is India's largest technical knowledge dissemination programme through ICT in the higher education sector.
It involves developing cutting edge curricula and delivering the same as video and web courses with free and easy downloads from the NPTEL website at:
The questionnaire consists of questions on number of volumes, number of titles, number of journals, digital library, number of computers, Photocopying service, NPTEL courseware, printing facility, scanning facility, carpet area, seating accommodation, qualifications, and scale of pay librarians, number of staff in the library, etc.
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