NPTHNez Perce Tribal Hatchery (Nez Perce Tribe Department of Fisheries Resource Management)
NPTHNamibia Post and Telecom Holdings
NPTHNon-Plated Through-Hole (PCB (printed circuit board manufacturing)
NPTHNon-Pharmacological Treatment of Hypertension (study)
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Market Competition Unclear: In FY18, the Communications Regulatory Authority of Namibia (CRAN) approved the sale of the remaining 34% stake in Mobile Telecommunications Limited's (MTC) to NPTH. MTC is now wholly-owned by NPTH.
TN's significant debt reduction was driven by a NAD400 million NPTH equity injection in FY15, sale of a 10.5% equity stake in Neotel (Pty) in FY17 for NAD200 million, and positive FCF, which all resulted in an adequate current liquidity position.
NPTH was registered in 1992 in terms of the Post and Telecommunications Companies Establishment Act 1992 as the Holding Company for Namibia Post Limited, Telecom Namibia Limited and majority shareholder in Mobile Telecommunications Ltd.
Parametro Controle (n=6) Tratado (n=6) Motilidade (%) 56,0 [+ o -] 20,7 51,7 [+ o -] 26,4 Espermatozoides vivos (%) 65,4 [+ o -] 28,5 68,9 [+ o -] 3,8 Defeito total (%) 11,6 [+ o -] 8,2 13,2 [+ o -] 10,3 TBARs (nmol MDA [ml.sup.-1]) 0,77 [+ o -] 0,2 0,37 [+ o -] 0,1 * GS (nmol [L.sup.-1] NPTH) 8,5 [+ o -] 2,4 7,7 [+ o -] 0,8 Cobre ([micron]mol 12,5 [+ o -] 9,4 3,0 [+ o -] 1,5 ** [L.sup.-1]) Zinco ([micron]mol 21,4 [+ o -] 12,2 14,6 [+ o -] 8,9 [L.sup.-1]) * P<0,01; ** P<0,05.
Although the tPTH assay recognizes NPTH poorly, the tPTH assay revealed that 15% of the PTH in the sera of parathyroid cancer patients (low and high PTH ratios) was N-PTH.
This solves the issue of competition and it ensures that government, through NPTH, remains in the mobile business with a fat (guaranteed) future revenue stream.
Telecom Namibia and Namibia Post & Telecom Holdings (NPTH) this week signed a memorandum of understanding with the Namibian Public Workers Union (NAPWU).
Shanapinda is an admitted legal practitioner of the High Court and has over eight years experience in the communications industry, previously serving as executive head of legal services and company secretary of Namibia Post and Telecom Holdings Limited (NPTH) and Telecom Namibia Limited.
Portugal Telecom's 34% shareholding in MTC Namibia was acquired in 2006 in a deal worth N$1.34 billion at the time while the Namibian government retains the remainder of the stake through Namibia Post and Telecommunications Holdings (NPTH).
However, some OEMs use exposed edge rails and/or uncoated internal pads for NPTHs (non plated through-holes), and these can exhibit tarnish after assembly or burn-in.