NPTPNational Plan for Training Personnel
NPTPNamed Pipe TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) Proxy (software)
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According to Sayed, the shifting geographies and increasing intensities of poverty are coalescing factors that make all the more pertinent current efforts at poverty alleviation--including, but not limited to, Lebanon's NPTP, the pilot phase of which has been completed and the scaling up of which has been indicated by the government in Beirut.
Hiring Aboriginal people was one of the goals of starting the NPTP. Band leadership and Elders wanted policing to have more of a community-based approach and enhance the work the RCMP were already doing.
Brebner is one of 26 NPTP students from the UoA who have successfully registered as NPs since UoA began developing the programme in 2015--initially without HWNZ funding.
The NPTP aims to primarily help those individuals living on less than $2.40 a day.
The NPTP program is being funded by the World Bank and by the Italian, Canadian and Lebanese governments.
Summary: BEIRUT: The new economic and social strategy adopted by the Lebanese government will improve the livelihood of 50 percent of people living under the poverty line in Lebanon by 2015 through the National Poverty Targeting Program (NPTP) said Social Affairs Minister Selim Sayegh on Friday.