NPTRNational Pediatric Trauma Registry
NPTRNocturnal Penile Tumescence and Rigidity
NPTRNational Psychologist Trainee Register (credentials)
NPTRNational Parachute Test Range
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NPTR is a minimally invasive means to measure and record nighttime erectile events (nocturnal penile tumescence), but has limited availability in Canada and costs are not covered by most provinces.
Due to the NPTR, there were two inflectional paradigms for Scots verbs in the present, depending on the adjacency of the pronoun subject.
For the third person singular it is not so much important whether the verb is standing in a sentence in a position causing the NPTR. The {S} morpheme is always attached, however it can be rendered by means of various graphemic sequences.
Unlike in the pres 3sg inflections, in the plural it is crucial to observe whether the verb form is taken from a syntactic environment causing the NPTR to operate or not.
From October 1988 through October 1995, 49,540 cases were recorded in the NPTR from 74 participating institutions in 30 states, Canada, and Puerto Rico.
Injuries occurred more frequently to children in the two younger age groups, although this finding may be an artifact of the NPTR, since some NPTR participants do not treat children older than 16 years of age.
Sports were also the most frequent cause of spinal cord injuries, which were observed in 35 students, a rate of 2.2% -- more than twice the rate observed in the entire NPTR (1%).