NPUAPNational Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel
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More information on the draft guidelines and how to comment on them is at the NPUAP Web site, www.
The NPUAP (2001) recommends that patients be assessed on admission and throughout their hospital stay.
Pressure ulcers are staged according to the NPUAP (1992).
The panel also concluded a need exists for research to determine reliability of the staging system revised by the NPUAP in 2007 as it pertains to darkly pigmented skin.
To address this issue, the NPUAP hosted a multidisciplinary consensus conference in 2010 and redefined what is generally considered avoidable and unavoidable.
In the primary study, sDTI evolution was appraised based on NPUAP pressure ulcer staging guidelines.
NPUAP website includes many education tools as does the AHRQ website.
The article on the new NPUAP pressure ulcer definitions was:
In addition, the NPUAP White Paper on the role of nutrition in preventing and treating PUs advises that early nutrition screening provides a window for identification of PU risk.
It exceeds AHRQ and NPUAP guidelines; elevates heels a minimum of 1" off the legrest while supporting the lower leg; avoids hyperextension of the knee; has raised side bolsters that stabilize legs; adapts quickly to virtually any recliner without using straps or Velcro[R]; has a friction and shear reducing nylon cover; is made from hypoallergenic and latex-free foam; and increases compliance and decreases incidence.