NPUENational Pingtung University of Education (Taiwan)
NPUENumber per Unit Effort (commercial fishing)
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Significant seasonal differences always occurred in shrimp CPUE (FFE: P<0.001 for all tests; EMF P range: 0.003-<0.001) and nearly always occurred in shrimp NPUE (FFE P range: 0.003-<0.001; EMF P range: 0.002-0.001; exception: NPUE for the 17-m EMF-equipped net) and accounted for most of the variation in CPUE observed for each net size.
Similarly, finfish CPUE differed seasonally for most net sizes (FFE P range: 0.009-< 0.001; EMF P for all tests: <0.001; exceptions: 14-m and 17-m, EMF-equipped nets), and NPUE differed seasonally for all net sizes (FFE P for all tests: <0.001; EMF P range: <0.001-0.000).
Other than the 17-m, FFE-equipped net in fall, the addition of a BRD to a 14-m or 17-m net resulted in a reduction in shrimp CPUE and NPUE, regardless of BRD type.
Reductions in finfish NPUE also had a strong seasonal component.