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NPVRNetwork Personal Video Recording
NPVRNetwork-Based Personal Video Recording
NPVRNet Present Value Ratio
NPVRNet Present Value, Risk-Adjusted
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This research used SP, NPV, NPVR, and IRR to study the cost-benefit of CSP in China.
According to the company, Starman's offering to its digital cable households, planned for subscriber availability later in 2012, will include VOD, catch-up TV and nPVR.
The Cisco Content Delivery System (CDS) is the ideal platform for delivering a broad range of next-generation video services, including video-on-demand (VoD), network personal video recording (nPVR), time-shift TV and targeted ad insertion.
It covers features such as basic TV/radio, EPG, VOD, PVR, NPVR and pause-live, but also mixes it with web services such as Facebook, Flickr, RSS feeds and more.
Extending its market leadership, Kasenna(R), the IPTV Company, Mountain View, Calif., has announced that its PortalTV suite is now powering network-based PVR (nPVR) services for hundreds of thousands of subscribers worldwide, with deployments in Tier 1 and Tier 2 IPTV service providers including Italy's Fastweb, Spain's JazzTel, and Switzerland's TV Sierre.
The AMM Grid is a cloud enabled just-in-time transmultiplexing and storage software, built from scratch for enabling advanced IPTV features like seamless time- and place-shifting, VoD and nPVR (private or shared copy) in the most efficient way.
Future plans include TV timeshifting and network personal video recording (nPVR).
BitBand's video delivery solution enables ON Telecoms to provide Catch-up TV, NPVR, VOD and other on-demand services.
The OTT streaming solution will include end-to-end services from downlink, cloud encoding, content management, statistics, catch-up TV, cloud TV and NPVR, Live andVOD streaming CDN and client application development with tailor-made architectures.