NPWNon Pregnant Women (population segment)
NPWNapa (Amtrak station code; Napa Valley, CA)
NPWNuclear Powered Warship
NPWNatural Products Worldwide (various locations)
NPWNamed Pipe Wrapper
NPWNet2max Private Wireless
NPWNetwork Planners Workshop
NPWNational Park and Wildlife (various locations)
NPWNational Payroll Week
NPWNew Pool Wildcat (wells)
NPWNet Present Worth
NPWNet Premiums Written
NPWNordic Perl Workshop (Perl programming language)
NPWNational Police Week
NPWNon-Potable Water
NPWNASA ParaWing (kite)
NPWNet per Week (financial management)
NPWNot Proceeded With
NPWNeoPaint for Windows (photo editing software)
NPWNew Pals Welcome (swapping)
NPWNo Problem Whatsoever (internet slang)
NPWNon-Productive Wafer
NPWNeue Philharmonie Westfalen (German orchestra)
NPWNon-projectile weapon
NPWNon Patterned Wafer
NPWNon Payroll Worker (employment)
NPWNew Pro Wrestling
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NPW is an annual event celebrating the contributions of America's nearly 150 million employees and the payroll professionals who ensure that America's workforce is paid accurately and on-time.
Best estimates that about half of the 10.8% increase in NPW to $617.4 billion in 2018 resulted from these changes, with rate and exposure changes also contributing to NPW growth.
In 2016, inland marine insurance accounted for approximately 2.1% of total property and casualty net premiums written (NPW) and nearly 3.5% of DPW; NPW totaled nearly $11.4 billion, a slight decrease of $15.6 million, or 0.1% from 2015.
Allianz Group's percent decline in NPW is at least in part attributable to the fact that not all of its subsidiaries report their figures to the NAIC; its reported combined ratio, however, doesn't help, at 138.08.
Consider some of the biggest gainers in terms of percent growth: Among them, National General Holdings Corp., which posted nearly 20% growth in NPW; Alleghany Corp., which increased its NPW by 15.44%; and Navigators Group Inc., which showed 11.61% improvement in NPW while also reducing its combined ratio by 2.46 points to 93.37.
However, as can be seen in the scatter plot of NPW, the peak values are significantly higher than the average value for all fueling strategies.
According to the formula for NPW, 56% of the males and 46% of the females weighed more than NPW.
This year I have agreed to serve on the NPW Staff with responsibility for managing the National Craft Competition and the selection of the next Les Bircher Award honoree.
NPW = -p + [n.summation over (i=1)] ([I.sub.t] - [C.sub.t])/[(1 + I).sup.t], (10)
Moreover, NPW of childbearing age have an additional risk of developing anemia because of their periodic menstrual blood loss [18,19] and a heavy menstrual period which could last more than five days [18,20].
The resulting Northern Poetry Workshop (NPW) has been going for 20 years and this brilliant anthology, edited by Gerry Wardle, is the result.