NPWANational Pure Water Association (UK)
NPWANo Power Without Accountability (song title)
NPWANational Parks and Wildlife Act (Australia)
NPWANational Parks and Wildlife Authority (Zimbabwe)
NPWANorth-West Professional Wrestling Alliance
NPWANational Police Wives Association (Chatham, IL)
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Frank stopped drinking tap water after attending an NPWA meeting a family friend had told him about.
The single from your new record, "NPWA" (No Power Without Accountability), strikes me as a paean to the global justice movement.
They asked me to sing a couple of songs so I sang "NPWA"--and then they wanted me to sing the "Internationale," and that really touched me, because we do have a strong tradition on the left, and one of the things we have to gain from the demise of the Stalinism of the Soviet Union and the Berlin wall is that we have an opportunity to create a leftist idea outside the shadow of totalitarianism.
The NPWA says its requests for this to be tested have been consistently refused.
The NPWA applauds his courage in standing up to protect his family's health and rights.
Campaign director Jane Jones said: "The NPWA's position, which it has maintained since 1960, is that drinking water should be as safe for consumption as is possible, with minimal chemical treatment.