NPWCNavy Public Works Center
NPWCNational Public Works Council (Australasian Procurement and Construction Council Inc.; Australia)
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Energy Sector is the priority of the incumbent Government; CDWP approved the projects of Nuclear Power Waste Chashma (NPWC), Long Term Operation of Karachi Nuclear Power Plant (LTOK), establishment of HDIPs Mega CNG stations, and National Compact Florescent Lamp Projects.
The National Placebo Working Committee (NPWC) consisted of twelve members representing various stakeholders, including researchers, the pharmaceutical industry, regulators, research ethics boards, patients, and the public at large.
(12) Organizations like the National Women's Political Caucus (NPWC), characterized by Sara Evans as the most diverse of the liberal feminist groups, operated with a conception of formal representation that established regularized means of input through the incorporation of minority caucuses into governance structures and through the early, influential involvement of women of color in planning processes and leadership positions.