NPWGNottinghamshire Pollution Working Group (UK)
NPWGNational Preservation Working Group (affordable housing coalition)
NPWGNorthern Pelagic Working Group (European Association of Fish Producers Organisations)
NPWGNaval Personnel Working Group
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Net premiums grow (NPWG) at an average of 11.95 percent per year (standard deviation of 21.6 percent).
In our first model (column 1), we find that firm size is not associated with insurance default risk, while the significance of MTB ratio seems to disappear when more profitability (ROA, EPS, NPWTA) and growth (NPWG) variables are included (columns 2, 3 and 4).
(10) For example, the sign of NPWG suggests that markets perceive growth in net premiums as a riskier decision (Harrington and Danzon, 1994; Epermanis and Harrington, 2006) in terms of repaying financial obligations--that is, a company that increases operations in insurable risks, lowers the probability of servicing total obligations.