NPWHNational Association of Nurse Practitioners in Women's Health
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The co-chairs of the ARHP and NPWH clinical advisory board both declare themselves to have allegiances with Barr Laboratories, makers of Seasonale (ARHP & NPWH 2003: 15).
These are the recommended points by NPWH for counseling women about HPV screening:
NPWH believes that covering these points at the time of testing decreases potential anxiety associated with a positive result.
NPWH Guidelines for Cervical Cancer Screening: A Preview available at
NPWH also recognizes guidelines associated with the new HPV vaccine for girls age 9 through 26.
Below are the guidelines for HPV testing endorsed by the NPWH:
NPWH strongly recommends that healthcare professionals continue to screen all women with a Pap and (if 30 or older) the HPV test, according to these guidelines--regardless of whether they have received the vaccine.
HPV Confidential radio programming, including an NPWH public service announcement featuring Pinsky, will air on stations throughout the country from August through November, encouraging sexually active adults to learn about external genital warts and available treatments.
NPWH commissioned the "Forgotten HPV Survey" to quantify awareness of genital warts in connection with HPV among young adults and understand their personal preferences when it comes to treatment and support options.