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NPXNorth Pole Experience
NPXNumeric Processor Extension
NPXNormolipemic Plane Xanthoma (histiocytic disorder)
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The following groups were evaluated: Sham, only removal of the renal capsule; NPX, 5/6 NPX and simultaneous complete omentectomy to prevent omentum from fusing to the injured kidney; NPX + OM (omentum), 5/6 NPX and pedicled greater omental direct packing on the remnant renal tissue; NPX + OM + ESCs, 5/6 NPX and pedicled greater omental packing of free ESCs on remnant renal tissue; and NPX + OM + GMs + ESCs, 5/6 NPX and pedicled greater omentum packing of ESC-loaded GMs on remnant renal tissue.
RESULTS: Significantly increased odds ratios (ORs) were observed for associations between ever use of 10 of the 16 OP pesticides and one or more of six NPx outcomes.
OMP was associated with fewer gastroduodenal ulcerations (NPX + OMP 11.8% vs.
LHS, a provider of telecomms billing and customer care systems, announced that telecomms services provider Nextel Telecomunicacoes Ltda, a Brazilian affiliate of NII Holdings, has chosen LHS' customer care system, BSCS iX Release 2, for the rating and billing of its services, including the NPX version for provisioning.
To address the issue of effective and targeted delivery of RNAi therapeutics, Intradigm has developed and in-licensed an extensive intellectual property portfolio around its proprietary RNAi Nanoplex (NPX) delivery technology.
THE sale of Aston Martin has created new and urgent possibilities, not least the tantalising hint that the Midlands firm could be rolling out a mid-engined supercar (codenamed NPX) to take on the Audi R8.
The battery, NPX 35-6, is part of the DataSafe line of valve regulated lead-acid batteries.
The canal is therefore nearing obsolescence since 40% of the cargo ships now in use are of the New Panamax (NPX) class--too large to make the transit.
For the other line in each case, and in NPX, a descending plica is used (see Ex.
There is internal chronological difference between shape classes, such as the Sequitor Phase Negro Pulido forms with straight rims (NPI, NPIII, NPV, NPIVNPVII, NPX, NPDA [NPIX, NPXI], NPVIII), and later Quitor Phase forms with marked everted rims (NPXIII, NPII, and late forms of NPIII with convex base and two horizontal handles; Tarrago 1989).