NPZNarodowy Program Zdrowia (Polish: National Health Program)
NPZNacionalnega Preverjanja Znanja (Slovenian: National Examinations)
NPZNacionalnimi Preizkusi Znanja (Slovenian: National Examinations)
NPZNeighborhood Preservation Zone (Tucson, AZ)
NPZNeuro-Psychiatrische Zeitung (German: Neuro-Psychiatric Newspapers)
NPZNon Pathogen Zymodeme
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Chez les communautes PZ, la production de subsistance totale etait de 1,8 a 2,5 fois plus grande que celle des communautes NPZ. Si la route etait ouverte au public et que les tendances en matiere de recolte de subsistance au sein des communautes visees par la PZ changeaient au point de refleter les recoltes actuelles de la NPZ en raison de la route, le cout financier serait de Tordre de 6 900 $ a 10 500 $ US par menage (en presumant un cout de " remplacement" de 17,64 $/kg pour les recoltes de subsistance).
Moscow NPZ Holdings will pay RUB7,097.00 per each common share, as well as RUB5,006 per each preferred share, pursuant to the deal.
A NPZ model has been studied by [11, 12, 12-18] that modified the model of [11, 19] and investigated zooplankton mortality and dynamical behavior of the model.
According to the Aircraft Noise Act, residents of the new Daytime Protection Zone 1 and NPZ are entitled to have expenses reimbursed for work carried out on structural noise-protection measures.
Sistema now owns a 76.52% stake in ANK Bashneft JSC, a 65.78% stake in Ufaneftechim JSC, a 87.23% stake in Novoil JSC, a 73.02% stake in Ufaorgsintez JSC, a 78.49% stake in Ufimskiy NPZ JSC and a 73.33% stake in Bashkirnefteproduct JSC.
Sibir Energy Plc (LSE: SBE), a UK-based oil and gas exploration company, has announced the creation of Moscow NPZ Holdings BV (Moscow NPZ Holdings), a new company.
Robbelen and Norddeutsche Pflanzenzucht (NPZ) for providing the original mutants, Fachagentur Nachwachsende Rohstoffe (FNR) and Gemeinschaft zur Forderung der privaten deutschen Pflanzenzuchtung (GFP) for financial support, and Petra Rakete for excellent technical assistance.
established NPZ ecological dynamic model and analyzed five kinds of seston feeding functions [3].
NPZ will also be producing a number of day optics as well.
The area of negative pore pressure zone (NPZ) may explain the dependence between fracture toughness and saturation and length of starter slot.