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He said the NPAD was aligned to Vision 2036 and NDP 11.
For testing the external construct validity of the scale, the correlation between the BQc-t results and NPAD, MNDI, and SF-36 was analyzed before and after treatment.' (12-141) Correlation coefficients of 1.00-0.91 were regarded as perfect, 0.90-0.71 as good, 0.70-0.51 as moderate, 0.50-0.31 as acceptable, and <0.30 as weak.' (16,17]) In the comparison between the scales, the questions matched for meaning during the previous studies were used.' (4,6]) For testing the external longitudinal construct validity, the differences of every item on the BQc-t and of the total scores in the corresponding subscales and the total scores in the other scales for pre- and post-treatment evaluations were calculated, and the significance of each difference and its level of correlation was interpreted.
- External construct validity: The Question 7 of the NPAD and Part 8 of the MNDI were found to be left blank by the patients who did not drive as anticipated.
- External longitudinal construct validity: Based on the data obtained by matching the relevant subscales of the NPAD and MNDI with the items on the BQc-t before and after treatment, except for Question 7, a weak, moderately positive, statistically significant correlation was found.
The ES and SRM values of the BQc-t were higher than those of the NPAD and MNDI (Table 7).
The NPAD has argued that corporate tax should be increased to 25 percent from 22 percent due to a lack of revenue.
In the wake of the ruling, neither Park nor the NPAD chief Moon nor the then sitting President Lee Myung-bak have yet to comment on the ruling, and rightly so as we wait for the highest court's final say.
Min Hyun-joo, spokeswoman of the governing camp, said, "The NPAD labeled Kwon as a symbol of justice, but now it turns out that nominating her was a terrible decision."
The ruling party argued that the NPAD's decision to nominate Kwon was a sort of "compensation" for Kwon's actions last year during the parliamentary investigation that centered on the NIS scandal.
Sim Sang-jeung, floor leader of the minor opposition Justice Party, argued: "If the NPAD keeps protecting Kwon, it will become a moral hazard for the party.
nPads should never move up to the neck when the arms are lifted.