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NPfITNational Program for Information Technology in the NHS (National Health Service, UK)
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The NPfIT would computerise medical records in a central database and link up more than 30,000 GPs to nearly 300 hospitals.
The NPfIT is meant to improve patient care by dragging paper-based clinical records for 50m patients - such as their current drugs, allergies and long-term conditions - into the 21st century.
It is simply not possible to believe that all the information held on the NPfIT is going to be correct.
The white paper, "Wireless eHealth and the NPfIT", suggests that the applications that make up the NPfIT, while seen as revolutionary by the National Health Service (NHS), will merely provide the level of automation that most large commercial organisations have had for almost a decade.
Some pounds 6.4 billion has already been spent on the National Programme for IT (NPfIT), which was launched by the Labour government in 2002 to provide electronic care records for every NHS patient.
A difficult economic environment (particularly in the public sector in a number of the Company's markets), adverse currency impact, delays to the implementation of the National Programme for IT (NPfIT) in the UK and an increased cost structure all contributed to this result."
Manchester-based iSoft, which has its roots in Birmingham, has been looking for a buyer since it ran into delays and cost overruns with the NHS software programme, known as the National Programme for IT (NPfIT).
Manchester-based iSoft is looking for a deal to secure its future after running into delays on a pounds 6.2bn contract to provide a centralised NHS database for patient records, known as the National Programme for IT (NPfIT).
CSC said it had taken the decision after assessing the impact of the deal on iSoft's successful delivery of the Government's National Programme for IT (NPfIT).
Following the delays associated with the rollout of Lorenzo under its NPfiT contract, it is now expected that the development work on Lorenzo will continue until September 2012.
Part of the National Programme for IT (NPfIT) for England is designed to put 50 million patient records online.
The National Programme for Information Technology NHS (NPfIT, also known as Connecting for Health) in England, and the Welsh parallel project which shares some of the aims and objectives called Informing Healthcare, are vital projects for improvements in healthcare.