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NQCNot Quite C (programming language; released under Mozilla Public License)
NQCNational Quartet Convention (Louisville, Kentucky)
NQCNeill Quality College
NQCNet Qualifying Capacity (electricity)
NQCNon Quality Controlled
NQCNoisy Quantum Channel
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Mendez said Philippine Ambassador to Spain Philippe Jones Lhuillier attended the 8th regular meeting of the NQC in Manila last Wednesday.
The Secretariat Office of the NQC is located at the Serafin D.
The NQC signified its interest on the National Costume days before Gray was named the new Miss Universe.
The NQC, created on May 8, 2018, by President Duterte through Executive Order 55, was tasked to lead government preparations for the commemoration of Philippine
The analyses for farmed salmon were based on homogenization of the whole fillets, while for farmed trout the NQC was used.
Denmark, Norway, United Kingdom, and the sampling and homogenization strategy make use of whole fillets as well as NQC. Our aim was different, but might be compared to the data established for food databanks.
We also found the language had little support for coordinating teams of robots, though this problem is due more to NQC's dependence on Lego's firmware than to any design flaws in NQC itself.
In an effort to support some kind of code abstraction, the language design borrows inspiration from NQC's emphasis on macros for code abstraction and includes a defmacro form that follows the complete semantics of Common Lisp's DEFMACRO form.
Inclusion of NQC in the southern group had little effect (88% correct classification).
Fish from the northern Queen Charlotte Islands (NQC) through Nagai Island (NI) separated reasonably well, but the majority of fish from the northernmost locality were also misclassified to this group.
Furthermore, the participant's mother was asked to fill out the CBCL and NQCS (part B) during baseline, at the end of treatment and during follow-up.
Radboud University Nijmegen (1), Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre (2), Maastricht University Hospital (3), The Netherlands Table 1: Daytime behavior (CBCL, T-scores) and parenting situation regarding the child's sleep (NQCS, 1 = problem free, 8 = very problematic) for Ken and Ellis during conditions of baseline, end of treatment and follow-up.