NQENational Qualification Event
NQENational Qualifying Event
NQENetwork Queuing Environment
NQENational Qualifying Examination (Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools)
NQENon Quota Export
NQENot Quite Elite (World of Warcraft guild)
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"We fairly rapidly realised there was a good market in the UK for this sort of thing and became an NQE ourselves."
"Then in April last year we started offering training for commercial pilots through hosting courses by other NQEs.
That person tcau nqau, ne ya ho leads (122) boat he will shout ka ta: "ka ke la te you that: "you are this-worldly tse neng, ka lo nqe person, you come board (123) ko nqau tsai, na lo!" my boat flowery, like this!" tse ka tsw ti nqe You not respond board le to.
You will go nqe tau kang si, pi up hill caterpillars (140) hill (141) kang sa.
The other vehicles, slotted by their performance in the five-day NQE started going out in order.
Stanley was the only vehicle never to touch any obstacle in the NQE runs.
DARPA said road blockages will not be indicated on the Route Network Definition File (RNDF) and may be changed during the NQE and the Urban Challenge itself.
Tony Tether announced that TerraMax was selected as one of the 35 finalists for the NQE. The top 20 teams from the NQE will move on to the Urban Challenge final event, and compete for cash prizes worth $2 million for first, $1 million for second, and $500,000 for third place.
Although a final decision from DARPA on Team Oshkosh's advancement to the NQE will not be announced until Aug.
"We have quite a bit of time between now and the NQE," said Yakes.
The field of 53 will be winnowed down to 30 teams that will move on to the National Qualification Event (NQE) in October.
As one of 195 entrants to enter the driverless challenge, Team TerraMax underwent an evaluation by DARPA which allowed it to move into the next stage of qualification at the National Qualification Event (NQE).