NQISNational Quality Improvement Strategy (US Agency for International Development)
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Whether by design or unintentionally, many NQIs did not comply with the U.S.
Due to different effects of fatty acids on health, it is necessary to define the nutritional quality index (NQI) with consideration to the fatty acid profile and their biological functions.
Fatty C16:0 C18:0 C18:1 C18:2 [SIGMA]SFA acids [[omega] [[omega] .sub.9]cis .sub.6]cis Value 6.12 3.36 28.20 60.16 10.07 Fatty [SIGMA] [SIGMA] [SIGMA] [SIGMA] [SIGMA] acids MUFA PUFA [[omega] [[omega] [[omega].sub.3]/ .sub.3] .sub.6] [[omega].sub.6] Value 28.29 61.40 0.22 61.18 0.004 Table 4: Nutritional quality indices (NQI) raw and cooked fish fillets.