NQVNavy Qualified Validator (US Navy)
NQVNada Que Ver
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To promote active participation and sharpening of NQV skills, an Annual Maintenance Record must be submitted to the IA TA every year to maintain a NQV appointment.
The Navy Qualified Validator Memorandum and further details about the NQV credentials can be found at the Navy Authorizing Official (NAO) Portal hosted by U.S.
The IA TA computer-based RMF 101 and four NQV courses are available at Navy eLearning: https://nel.navy.mil/.
TAGS: Cybersecurity, Governance, NEN, NNE, Telecommunications, Workforce Figure 1 illustrates the training and qualification requirements for each NQV level.
To date, SPAWAR has credentialed 168 NQVs across the Navy.
Level III NQVs are required to take several classroom courses, including the SPAWAR Validator 201 Course (SPAWAR-ILT-NQV-201) and the Defense Information Systems Agency Enterprise Mission Assurance Support Service (eMASS) and DISA Assured Compliance Assessment Solution (ACAS) classroom training.
Audrey Guidarelli, marketing services manager for Thermal Care, says the NQV chillers "have been highly successful products since their release in 2015" and that its "sales continue to grow as more of our customers understand the cost-saving benefits of using variable-speed compressor technology."
To enhance and maintain the quality of validators, the SPAWAR Information Assurance Technical Authority will score and record the proficiency of each registered Level II and Level III NQV (Level I NQVs will not be scored) using a set of pre-defined performance measures.
In addition to the qualification standards, the Navy recognizes three qualification levels of NQVs (Level I, II and III) with Level I being the most basic level and Level III considered expert level.
Once approved, the validator will receive a Navy Qualified Validator appointment certificate and will be added to the list of approved NQVs maintained and published by the Information Assurance Technical Authority.
Assuming typical running conditions, the incremental cost of the NQV Series can pay back in less than six months thanks to the chiller's ability to vary capacity and energy consumption to match the actual demand without cycling or damaging the compressor.
Besides energy savings, Thermal Care says the precise speed control of the VFD and an electronic expansion valve gives the NQV Series tighter temperature control.