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The last asteroid that will fly close to Earth this week is ( 2019 NR3 .
The National Register of Taxi and Private Hire Licence Revocations and Refusals - or NR3 for short - is designed to prevent drivers from submitting licence applications while failing to declare historical licence revocations in other parts of the country.
A more recent extreme and long-lasting (3 weeks) bora event in January-February 2012 caused a strong enhancement of the winter circulation of the whole Adriatic, as well as the Mediterranean Sea, with the formation of the densest (density excess above 1,000 kg [m.sup.-3] of 30.58 kg nr3) water mass ever measured in the northern Adriatic (Carniel et al.
The committee also agreed to be part of a new national register 'NR3' which is aimed at clamping down on drivers who have licences rejected attempting to gain approval in other areas.
Ghenta, (2017), Characteristic of in-work poverty - a comparison between Romania and European Union, Journal of Economic Development, Environment and People (JEDEP), vol 6, nr3, ISSN 2285-3642
Figure 6(b) shows beams strengthened with UHPFRC at the tension side with varying degrees of thickness in the UHPFRC layer: 30 mm (NR3), 50 mm (NR5), and 100 mm (NR10) [26].
In 1997, the National Research Laboratory of Metrology (NRLM) reported a lattice spacing value for a Si crystal produced by Shin-Etsu Semiconductor called NRLM3 (shortened to NR3) [24].
Flowers by 9.30am, or donations in memory of Maureen to Cancer Research UK may be sent c/o Nicholas E Potts & Daughter Funeral Services, Angel House, 20 Angel Road, Norwich NR3 3HP.
Brunei Way Sweetbriar Industrial Estate Norwich Norfolk NR3 2BD