NRADNaval Research And Development
NRADNorthland Regional Ambulance District (Platte City, MO)
NRADNotice of Resource Area Delineation (Massachusetts)
NRADNational Residence Abroad Database (Learning and Residence Abroad Project; UK)
NRADNCCOSC Research and Development Center
NRADNo Requiere Ajuste De Dosis (Spanish: No Dosage Adjustment Is Necessary)
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Dr MarK L Levy, clinical lead for NRAD, said: "This project offers an opportunity for patients, their families and health care providers to raise awareness of the preventable factors associated with asthma deaths, and to taKe the necessary action to help reduce the number of avoidable asthma deaths in the United Kingdom."
Changes in NRaD's mission, as well as new technology developments and methods of work, necessitated that we formalize the strategic planning process for NRaD's Technical Information Division (TID).
NRaD built this site "to facilitate the development of more effective and efficient contracting" for military-related command and communications systems.
It employs technology (smartcard, security, remote database access, intelligent agents and Mosaic) developed under the sponsorship of NIST, other agencies (ARPA, NRAD, NSA, and NSF) and industry.
"The deepest part of the ocean is readily reachable in technological terms," said Norm Estabrook, head of the Ocean Engineering division of the Naval Command, Control and Ocean Surveillance Center (known as NRAD) in San Diego, Calif.
* NRAD Medical Associates PC has committed to 13,500 s/fin the center.
The balance can be servoed over a range of [+ or -]175 mrad ([+ or -]10[degrees]), and held to a given angular position to within 500 nrad. This allows measurements of hysteresis torques with a relative standard deviation equivalent to 1 X [10.sup.-3] in the watt.
Three subordinate commands of NCCOSC include the NCCOSC RDT&E Division (or NRaD), the NCCOSC West Coast In-Service Engineering (NISE West) and the four NCCOSC East Coast In-Service Engineering Activities (NISE East).