NRAENet Renal Acid Excretion (biology)
NRAENon-Recurring Adoption Expense (subsidy; special needs adoptions)
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In comparison, although NRAE students showed a slight decrease in their feelings toward feminists, this change was not significant.
We further assessed changes across the semester by looking at whether downward shifts in group evaluations happened among all NRAE students or if they were specific to relevant subgroups within the larger student population.
There were also differences in how RAE and NRAE students changed in their beliefs about sexism.
Thus, the results pertaining to NRAE students are generalizable to the larger student population.
(3.) Students in the RAE and NRAE groups differed in both class year and age.
(4.) Because we expected both group affiliation and enrollment in RAE courses to buffer declines in tolerance and in these analyses wanted to isolate only those individuals who were affiliated with diversity-related campus organizations, only NRAE students (and not those taking RAE courses) were included in the Not Affiliated comparison group.