NRBCNational Reining Breeders Classic (est. 1997; Byars, OK)
NRBCNucleated Red Blood Cell (count)
NRBCNucléaire, Radiologique, Biologique et Chimique (nuclear, radio, biological, and chemical threat)
NRBCNuclear, Radiological, Biological, Chemical
NRBCNoland Road Baptist Church (Independence, MO)
NRBCNational Rare Blood Club
NRBCNon-Woven Rotating Biological Contactor Reactor
NRBCNansemond River Baptist Church (Suffolk, VA)
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As examination of nRBC count is easily available, this study was designed to determine the utilities of nRBC count as a detector of foetal asphyxia in term newborns along with the short-term outcome in a resource-limited health care centre.
So, there is no risk for the depositors,' said NRBC Bank new chairman Tamal SM Parvez on Monday.
The temperature for different percentages of weight loss, temperature at maximum decomposition, and residue level at 600[degrees]C of NRBC composite films were measured from the TGA curves.
For more information on the NRBC initiative and for more details on the methodology BLS uses to develop output price indexes for nonresidential structures, please see
Pediatrician Abd ElBaky of the National Research Centre, in Cairo, and colleagues there and at Cairo University, Egypt, have found that obesity and passive smoking are risk factors for elevated umbilical cord neonatal immature, or nucleated red blood cells (NRBCs).
NRBC COUNT ASSESSMENT We performed a complete blood cell count and a total leukocyte count.
The new hematology analyzer Sysmex XE-2100 performs the WBC-diff count by combining 3 kinds of optical information (forward-scattered light, side-scattered light, and side fluorescence) with the preestablished impedance/IMI method.[5] Furthermore, the XE-2100 has a special channel to enumerate NRBCs. The present evaluation focuses on the flagging efficiency of this new combined technology for abnormal WBCs and on the accuracy of the analyzer's NRBC enumeration.
One example of newer technology being employed in the laboratory is in the nRBC count and its discrimination of different causes of cellular interference in the WBC count.
For more information on the NRBC initiative and for more details on the methodology BLS is using to develop output price indexes for the nonresidential structures included in the initiative, please go to
This applies in particular to preparing, detecting and responding to minimise the impact of nuclear, radiological (misappropriation of isotopic sources for criminal purposes), biological or chemical (NRBC) threats.Last November 22, the Commission adopted a Communication called "Civil protection - State of preventive alert against possible emergencies" COM(2001)707) where it explained the role of the European civil protection network and its links with other allied policy-making networks and sectors.