NRBSNorthern River Basins Study (Alberta, Canada; environmental science)
NRBSNortheast Regional Biofeedback Society (Amityville, NY)
NRBSNorthern Rock Building Society (UK)
NRBSNational Review Book Service
NRBSNest Run Breaking Stock (egg market)
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Mohammed Mahtabur Rahman, Chairman and Managing Director of Al Haramain Group of Companies, Chairman of NRB Bank Ltd and President of Bangladesh Business Council in Dubai, has become the first Bangladeshi expat to be awarded the UAE permanent residency 'Golden Visa'.
Prime Bank has always respected the diversity of its customers which has resulted in a full suite of Islamic; SME & NRB affiliated competitive products.
The government offers three investment schemes such as US Dollar premium bond, US Dollar Investment bond and Wage earners' Development bond for Non-Resident Bangladeshis (NRBs), which offer attractive interest to the depositors.
Last month, I had the opportunity of attending a meeting of the US-settled non-resident Bangladeshi- (NRB) born engineers in the Washington D.C.
Once supplemental damping is deemed necessary, many designers would prefer utilizing the linear behavior of NRB isolators combined with the supplemental damping provided by VFDs; the use of such a system often results in additional uniformity to the story forces induced in the superstructure due to the reduced out-of-phase velocity and displacement peak responses.
They particularly feared being issued with a "not required back" (NRB) notice which were used by companies to inform staff that they were not to return to the platform after scheduled time onshore.
While it is more widely recognized that researchers engaged in social science research will benefit from repeated interactions with the community, our experience, like that of others (e.g., NRBS; Gummer et al., 2000), indicates there is a good argument for natural scientists to incorporate repeated interactions into their work as well.
The problem that is most often denounced by new entrants, concerning interconnection, is the lack of will (or hurry) on the part of the national regulatory bodies (NRB) to make use of their powers when in principle they are authorised to intervene in interconnection negotiations even if they are explicitly invited to do so by the parties concerned (this is the case in Belgium and to a lesser extent in Finland where the NRBs are not pro-active" enough).
Finally, the transfer to the noncharitable remainder beneficiaries (NRBs) at trust termination is not subject to income or transfer taxes; thus, for the price of a charitable contribution, property is transferred by the grantor currently to be received by his NRBs at a specified future date at a lower effective transfer tax rate.
Between 1991 and 1996, the governments of Canada, Alberta, and the Northwest Territories carried out a survey of the consumptive and non-consumptive uses of the Athabasca, Peace, and Slave rivers, as part of the Northern River Basins Study (NRBS).
Non-resident Bangladeshis (NRBs) should develop a new level of confidence in relation to their country, said BIDA Executive Chairman Kazi M.
The government recognises Non-resident Bangladeshis (NRBs) by awarding CIP status to top 10 persons every year for their outstanding contribution to the economy.