NRBTNational Reserve Bank of Tonga
NRBTNational Register of Big Trees
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"Although the financial sector has remained highly profitable and stable, the National Reserve Bank of Tonga (NRBT) should remain vigilant and closely monitor early signs of vulnerabilities.
Deferment period (days) Characteristic 65 85 105 NRBT 16 c 71 b 123 a NDBT 356 a 211 b 158 b NVAT 375 a 213 b 29 c LSVB 17.7 c 25.3 b 36.6 a LLBVB 14.9 c 22.3 b 27.6 a LSDB 23.8 c 44.5 b 61.8 a NDLDB 5.0 b 5.3 b 7.1 a NRBT: number of reproductive basal tillers (tillers [m.sup.-2]); NDBT: number of dead basal tillers (tillers [m.sup.-2]); NVAT: number of vegetative aerial tillers (tillers [m.sup.-2]); LSVB: length of the stem of the vegetative basal tiller (cm); LLBVB: length of the leaf blade of the vegetative basal tiller (cm); LSDB: length of the stem of the dead basal tiller (cm); NDLDB: number of dead leaves on the dead basal tiller.