NRCANNatural Resources Canada
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A total of $3.5 million has been committed to the project, including $2 million from NRCan with the balance from other government geoscience agencies and from industry.
A pre-screening tool for new heat pump installation in Canada is available from the Natural Resources Canada for quick estimates on GHG emissions, net present value and simple payback analysis (NRCan, 2015).
"The risk of penalties for late payment combined with potential deterioration in supplier relationships and increased compliance risks led NRCan to seek a more efficient, reliable, and cost-effective invoice processing solution," said Moore.
Thus, we compare the RRS result with the NRCan PPP 30-days result, to make the above result more convincing.
The NRCan 2005 survey collected data on the total campus floor area from the energy use data.
The Canadian Department of Natural Resources (NRCAN) suggests that oil pipelines are critical to the growth of Canada's lucrative energy industry, in which oil and gas are by far the most profitable resources.
and van der Wal, O.: 2005, Surface subsidence prognosis for the Shell Canada, Niglintgak Field; Attachment JRP NRCan 2.04-3.
In what seems like a transparent effort to distract attention from a second scathing independent review of its project, Taseko publicly alleged that NRCan had assessed the "wrong design." Although the review process provided the company with several months to review, challenge, and test the NRCan modelling, the company claims not to have discovered this "extraordinary error" until the days after the panel issued its highly critical report.
Finally, the Department of Natural Resources Canada (NRCan), while playing only a minor role in Nunavut's renewable energy development, has developed national-scale renewable energy programs (through CanmetENERGY) that also apply to remote northern communities (Poissant et al., 2004; NRCan, 2009).
The company said that the laboratory can test to required standards of ENERGY STAR in the US, NRCan in Canada and the California Energy Commission (CEC), adding that its clients in New Jersey and the New York Metropolitan area can now save time and money by bundling energy efficiency testing with their existing testing programmes.
show a 4% increase (for SAGD dilbit over mining dilbit) and in NRCan