NRCCTENational Research Center for Career and Technical Education (St. Paul, MN )
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Prior to the student interviews, the NRCCTE research team engaged in site visits to the eight schools, where they conducted observations and interviewed teachers and administrators.
The NRCCTE studies showed that students can flourish academically when academics are taught in the authentic context of CTE.
The NRCCTE study team collected information on three common WBL models: internships/co-operative education (co-op), youth apprenticeships and school-based enterprises (SBE).
The most exhaustive and current research on POS has been conducted by the NRCCTE. Multiple studies on POS may be found at
As a partial replication, questions and dialogues used in the Science-in-CTE follow-up study were adapted from the Math-in-CTE follow-up study with expressed written permission from NRCCTE. It was determined that similar components would be utilized in the science follow-up, including a questionnaire and personal or telephone interviews.
For example, the CEW has collaborated with NRCCTE and NASDCTEc to develop employment projections on the national and state levels for each Career Cluster.,
"Rather than conceptualizing narrow, specific job skills as the goal of occupational courses, Dewey argued that occupational contexts could provide a rich venue in which students could effectively learn important fundamental concepts in traditional subject matter" (NRCCTE Curriculum Integration Workgroup, 2010, p.
Results from the regression analysis regarding the mathematics portion (p =.01) are comparable to a study done by the NRCCTE. The NRCCTE found that when agricultural classes were taught using math enhanced lessons, students performed better on standardized tests (Parr, Edwards, and Leising, 2006).
Speakers included study co-authors james Stone, director for NRCCTE and Kimberly Green, executive director of NASOCTEc, as swell as Bruce Steuernage from the Minnesota State Colleges & Universities System and Pradeep Kotamraju, deputy director fin NRCCTE.
The criteria used in this study were established and recommended by the National Research Center for Career and Technical Education (NRCCTE) (J.
In order to evaluate the impact of POS, the National Research Center for Career and Technical Education (NRCCTE) commissioned three longitudinal, field-based studies that focus on efforts being made to implement POS across the country.
Over the past five years, the National Research Center for Career and Technical Education (NRCCTE) has sponsored five research studies of Programs of Study (POS)--including three ongoing longitudinal projects--with the goal of informing the field about how and under what conditions POS impact student engagement, achievement, and transition to postsecondary education and employment.