NRCDNational Rehabilitation Center for Persons with Disabilities (Tokorozawa, Saitama, Japan)
NRCDNational Resource Centre for Dance
NRCDNational River Conservation Directorate (India)
NRCDNatural Resources Conservation District
NRCDNutrition-Related Chronic Disease
NRCDNational Resource Center on Diversity (end-of-life care; Washington, DC)
NRCDNavy Regional Contracting Detachment
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The above discussions establish the fact that, for point conductors, the diagonal measurements are equivalent to the NRCD measurements for typical VDP sensors.
Numerical simulations were conducted to investigate the effects of nonuniform resistivity and re-coefficients on NRCD. In this case, the sensor was modeled into 4 different layers along the thickness direction, as shown in Figure 14(a).
Adjacent and diagonal loadings were investigated and demonstrated that the diagonal output voltage measurement is equivalent to the two sequential adjacent voltage (equivalent to NRCD) measurements.
Caption: FIGURE 3: Measurement scheme for [R.sub.0] and [R.sub.90] in calculating the NRCD.
The NRCD officials are worried that the mandate to regulate GAP remains with the MoEF, hence "why moving to a ministry playing the secondary role." It is learnt that some top MoEF officials are also pressing for getting back all NRCD officers having expertise in river conservation works, but currently posted out in different departments.
The retrospective design of the study represents a limitation: in fact, in real life, control biopsies after 1 year of GFD are performed only in NRCD, while control biopsies would be useful to check if there is a correlation between a lack of improvement of BMD after one year of GFD and a lack of complete normalization of duodenal lesions despite symptoms disappearance and negative CD related serology [33].
Directed: The committee directed the LG high officials to regularise the payments made to the NRCD and take measures to recover the stated amount.
The NRCD aims to increase interest and scholarship in these previously overlooked areas of British dance and more specifically, the practitioners who contributed to the expansion of the art form.
The project staff will preserve and catalogue these important collections to enable public access via the NRCD. The opening and publicising of these collections, subsequent research into them, and a series of events will aim to establish the largely forgotten place of Atkinson and Ginner and their careers in dance history.
Two smaller collections held by the NRCD and which relate to British female modern dancers will also be catalogued:
Fortunately, in practice, we have the flexibility of changing clients from one training program to another at both NRCD and NVRC.