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The mean numbers of insect (count) per 10 leaflets were recorded both at farmers' fields and NRCL Experimental Farm during last wk of Oct to first wk of Nov 2012.
(Geometridae) was observed on the September flush of litchi, both in farmers' fields in Muzaffarpur and East Champaran districts of Bihar, and at the NRCL Experimental Farm.
The observations on incidence and severity of damage recorded at NRCL Experimental Farm during Oct 2011 revealed that the extent of looper infested trees in these blocks was between 2.1 to 40.3%.
A statistically significant difference in mean larval counts per 10 leaflets (LSD 0.27 [+ or -] 0.08, P = 0.05) was observed among the orchards at NRCL farm and farmers' fields when tested by one-way ANOVA.
Comparatively higher damage than in farmers' field was observed (Table 2) in litchi orchard blocks of NRCL Farm.
Mean incidence and severity of damage to litchi trees by the Perixera illepidaria pest at the NRCL Experimental Farm during October 2011.