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NRDCNatural Resources Defense Council
NRDCNational Resources Defense Council (New York, NY)
NRDCNational Realty & Development Corp.
NRDCNational Research and Development Centre (Institute of Education, London)
NRDCNATO Rapid Deployable Corps
NRDCNational Research and Development Corporation (UK)
NRDCNortheast Regional Data Center (University of Florida)
NRDCNational Research and Development Council
NRDCNagasaki Research & Development Center (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries; Japan)
NRDCNational Rehabilitation and Development Centre (est. 1986)
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Current anchors Walmart & Marshalls/Home Goods have strong sales and these new additions will create a special synergy that will position Liberty Square Center as one of the highest performing centers in the area," said Nick Hrvatin, Vice President, Retail Leasing at NRDC. "We are excited for these new tenants to open up at the center."
In 2007, the PNOC-EDC, owing to the implementation of its privatization, issued a deed of assignment of interests and rights in NRDC in favor of PNOC.
"In nearly half the states the deck is stacked against home buyers because sellers get a pass on revealing a property's flood history," said Joel Scata, attorney with NRDC. "With flood risks rising throughout the country, this is a problem that Congress has the ability to fix."
The ( analysis  threw light on the future health hazards due to ragweed and ozone if the issue of climate change is not controlled soon, said Kim Knowlton, senior scientist at the NRDC, who oversaw the project.
NRDC experts, furthermore, debunked the notion advanced by polluters, who have gone to court to stop the Clean Power Plan, that defeating it would somehow help rekindle fossil fuel power.
The key, says NRDC, is to stay informed: "A lot of bad projects slip into communities under the radar," they caution.
The NRDC report also claims that much of the 2012-crop losses could have been prevented using water-smart strategies.
In a report, the NRDC says taxpayers shelled out nearly $100 billion last year through federal insurance to clean up weather-related damage caused by climate change in 2012 -- three times the cost of claims paid by private insurers.
The frustration for environmentalists is that natural resources - water, land and energy - are used to produce all that uneaten food, which is why the NRDC is weighing in on the topic, said Dana Gunders, the scientist who authored the study.
Localized climate health preparedness plans reduce the risks of record-breaking damage and health costs for vulnerable areas, according to the NRDC. A recent study in the journal Health Affairs tallied $14 billion in healthcare costs as a result of just six climate-related events in recent years, underscoring the need for buildings to prepare for future severe weather.
The NRDC is a public sector enterprise under the DSIR.